Megan McPeak

I am Minnesota born and raised. I attended Undergrad in Wisconsin and now reside in Alabama as a graduate researcher at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I began my career as a graduate student in 2016 and one-day hope to have a masters and doctorate in Atmospheric Sciences under my belt (a specialization in Atmospheric Chemistry). And, no I do not want to be a meteorologist – but I am not sure what exactly what yet.

In my free time I used to do a lot of yoga, maybe one day I will get back into that. But for the time being, any free time is spent doing crafts. Right now my focus is in modern calligraphy and hand lettering. In the near future, I am wanting to learn python2000px-target_logo and get a sewing machine, you know every 20 something-year-old girls dream. I may or may not be a grandma at heart.

I will probably end up posting about many-a-things, from graduate school, to real life, to living as a midwesterner in the south, to my art struggles, and all the way to just things I think you might find funny.

Target is life.

I do have an Instagram and facebook for my art:



Also, if you are that kind of person, here is a link to my LinkedIn:


This photo mosaic shows you some of my favorite people in my life at some of my happiest times in my life. If you see me with that bearded man, well that is my Fiance, Trevor, and before you ask, we do not know when we are getting married. These pictures also show you my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister. But most importantly these show you the most important ladies in my life – Leah (the right person in the target basket photo) and Kasey (one of the other members of this blog, yellow dress in bottom left picture).  Lauren, the last member is actually my brother’s girlfriend, so that’s how we three relate.