Kasey Arts

Hey everyone! I’m Kasey! I just recently graduated college with  Bachelors degrees in Natural Resources with an emphasis in wildlife conservation and management and Biology. I hope to go on to get a master’s/PhD in Conservation Biology or Landscape ecology, but for now I’m living with my parents, at least until March! After then I will be working in Hawaii for 4-6 months working at a center that breeds and releases endemic birds. Some would say I’m pretty excited.

I’m here because of my wonderful friend Megan, who I was lucky enough to meet at school. In my posts you’ll hear about my wonderful fiance, family, friends, travels, frustrations, and opinions. I’m a little new to this entire blog thing, but hope to share some of the highlights of my travels, along with my opinions on the struggles within the environmental community. I’ll also be posting some pictures of my adventures, and hope that everyone enjoys them as well!

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