Can a 50 foot pole fit in a 25 foot barn?

I thoroughly enjoyed many of my elective classes throughout my undergrad education, but by far my favorite class was modern physics. *Side note, this will be a nerdy post, but well worth the read* You may be asking yourself, what makes modern physics different than regular physics? Great question Susie, modern physics describes things when … Continue reading Can a 50 foot pole fit in a 25 foot barn?


The first year of graduate school

As of last week, I have officially completed my first academic year of graduate school. Over the past nine months I have learned more about myself and who I want to be than I have in all of undergrad. I did not exactly have the stereotypical path to get to where I was. I applied … Continue reading The first year of graduate school

The world is filled with beauty

I have traveled to many countries in my life so far and have seen some amazing and beautiful things. This week I decided to compile a list of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. These are not necessarily in any sort of order. When a beautiful thing first comes to mind, I immediately … Continue reading The world is filled with beauty


I’m not sorry

Your whole childhood is spent learning to say ‘I am sorry’, many times you said it out of impulse so your mom would just get off your back. The older I get, the more and more often I catch myself saying sorry for things I really should not be apologizing for. Recently, two situations happened … Continue reading I’m not sorry


The hike where I saw an armadillo running through the woods

My fiancé and I love a good hike, something with stunning views and we are willing to work for it. But, this hike really changed everything. We had just moved to AL in August and had not really had a chance yet to explore the Tennessee River valley yet, so last week I picked a hike … Continue reading The hike where I saw an armadillo running through the woods


A Movie Review: Arrival

Kasey: I watched this movie because my mom plopped me in front of the TV and made me watch it. And I was not disappointed. While the story of a linguist and a physicist may seem dry on paper, the movie takes it way deeper. This review might contain spoilers, but I promise it will … Continue reading A Movie Review: Arrival


Megan’s Midnight Musings II

You know how there is a how it's made TV show? Okay, I want that but a preindustrial edition. I want to know how flat panes of glass were made back in "western" times.