When does dystopia=reality

I’ve been watching the handmaids tale and let me tell you, I’m in love with it. And extremely frightened by all its parallels with what’s happening in America today. When discussing it, most people refer to the show as dystopian, and I just kind of chuckle. When does the line between America currently and dystopian evaporate? Because I see it already happening, with the predominantly religious controlling party that likes to limits the rights of women, immigrants, minorities, the lgtbq community, and anyone that doesn’t follow their beliefs.

I just watched last night’s episode and it shed a very interesting light on current immigration policies. SPOILER ALERT. When the main character and family try to flee to Canada when things start going south in the former united states, they are faced with many challenges. First of all they needed visas/passports to get into the country. And they needed them from the current country they were fleeing from, because that makes total sense. It seems like a lot of the difficulties were unnecessary, and they seemed like a lot of things were happening today in the U.S. in relation to muslim nations. But the handmaids tale is a total dystopian setup right.

Additionally, the whole reason there are handmaids within the show is due to the fact that the environment’s so screwed up that most of the women are infertile, and most of the men probably are two, but it’s against the rules in the show to talk about that, because everything’s the woman’s fault (ironic). Yet they believe that this infertility is due to god punishing women for not fulfilling their biological role and not the fact that the world is full of so many pollutants that global crops are failing.  And in the dystopian world that is our current political system, the major party is taking away most environmental regulations with obvious negative health effects. Huh.

I guess our main hope is that the current religious leader of the Christian faith seems to absolutely hate the current president. And that’s something that I will hold onto until Trumps impeached, and may whatever god exists keep the current pop alive until he’s out of office.

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