A whiny millennial complaining about the hate of millenials

I’m sick of hearing about how shitty my generation is. And that’s coming from someone who is afraid of the youth, because most of them intimidate me. I’ve heard about how our generation is the generation to be offended by anything, how we are all disrespectful, and about how we are all lazy members of society who can’t hold a job and are in perpetual debt. While all these things may have some truth in them, I feel we need to bring everything into perspective.

  • Are we the generation offended by anything? If you define anything as institutional racism, sexism, and ageism, then yes, yes we are. Being offended by discrimination doesn’t make us babies though. Fighting for equal rights may be one of the most American things. A woman protesting for her right to affordable health care and, I don’t know, HER BODY, is not complaining. A minority protesting and fighting for their right to a decent public school system, equal pay, and to not be profiled by police officers and possibly killed isn’t complaining. Young and old people in the job market fighting to be taken seriously aren’t complaining. But you know what we millennials do have the right to complain about? The current president. A majority of millennial voters voted for Hillary Clinton, and with Trump jeopardizing our futures with crazy health insurance policies, Trump totally ignoring science when it comes to climate change, and Trump playing games with America’s foreign policy, I think we have every right to complain.


  • Are we disrespectful? I’m not going to argue, in the technological world we live in now, it’s a lot easier to be an asshole. So the amount of openly asshole people in the world has probably increased. But are all of those internet assholes millennials? Probably not. Additionally, we might be seen as disrespectful when really we are just challenging the previous generation’s beliefs. It’s not our intention to be rude, we are just trying to make the world a better place. (And if you feel disrespected, maybe you shouldn’t be so easily offended by everything. ZING!)


  • Are all millennials lazy? Some are. And others are working full time jobs for 100 dollars a week (or less) in order to have enough experience to get a job in their field, post-graduation. The current job market is filled with baby boomers who aren’t leaving the workplace as early in life, leaving less and less jobs for recent graduates. As for debt, attending college is crazy more expensive than it was back in the day, and with more and more jobs that pay a living wage require a degree, more and more people are in debt. So yeah, I don’t think we are all lazy. I think most of us are just trying to get by, hopefully within our area of interest.


So yeah, some millennials are whiny, some are lazy, and some are disrespectful, just like every other demographic on earth. We live in a crazy world today, with many challenges being left for millennials and future generation to face. So instead of putting down, and even trying to slow down the current youthful generation, maybe we should be supporting them. Even if it is intimidating.


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