The world is filled with beauty

I have traveled to many countries in my life so far and have seen some amazing and beautiful things. This week I decided to compile a list of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. These are not necessarily in any sort of order.

  • When a beautiful thing first comes to mind, I immediately think about the sunsets I watched in Ashland WI, down by the bay. I was fortunate enough to spend 4 years of my life here and watch many sunsets. Below I have pictures of some of my favorites. And by the way, I could go on and on about how great and beautiful Lake Superior is, I will leave it with just this.
  • Lake Cresent Washington and Diablo Lake Washington. These two are self-explanatory.
  • That one time on the gunflint trail. So, there are no pictures of this. Quick background, the Gunflint trail is in northern MN, it is a sort of gateway to the Boundary waters, aka wilderness. For a few years my family would go vacation there. At this point in my life moose were my favorite animals and this was the mecca of moose territory. One morning my mom and I were up around sunrise driving around to try to find some moose. We can across a section of the trail that had recently been burned, so there were just burned stumps of what were trees all around. In between branches and in between the trees were spider webs, but these webs were glistening with dew drops – all sparkling in the morning sun. It was just wonderful and a beautiful scene. I wish I was a writer to be able to put in words how beautiful this was.
  • Neuschwanstein castle. Okay, so let me just say, overall this castle was sort of a letdown going to see it. This castle is the one that is on all sorts of post cards, so picturesque, it sits atop a hill surrounded by a forest. SOOOOO, the hill thing, yea, a half mile little walk straight up. Nope to tram. Then, get this, the inside of the castle isn’t even finished. There is like one floor done to nines, but other than that, nope nothing. Anywhooos. Oh real quick, not allowed to take pictures inside, so the pictures below I found on the internet. So, I guess this is as neat and intricate as the Sistine chapel would be, which I have been to, but unfortunately, I do not remember. The rooms that stood out to me were the bedroom and the ballroom, I have them below.
  • Switzerland, again fairly self-explanatory. I hope you spy a theme: large expanses of rolling hills or mountains with forests.

I would go back to any of these places in a heart beat. If you ever have a chance to see any of the above, take it.

Until next time,



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