Superbowl Commercials 2017

The Superbowl is the most anticipated sporting event of the year for many people. Especially for companies who buy air time during the Superbowl. Not only are you glued to the TV to watch the game, but you are also looking forward to the half-time show and the various commercials that play. Advertising is now part of the entertainment for the Superbowl. I personally watch the game just to see the ads! So, who produced the best ads this year? Different websites will tell you different things but I’ll share with you some of my favorites listed below.

(Click on the links to watch the ads! )

  1. Air B&B: “We Accept”
  2. Audi: “Equal Pay”
  3. Budwieser: “Born The Hard Way”
  4. 84 Lumber: “The Journey Begins”
  5. Kia: “Hero’s Journey”
  6. Bai: “Justin Timberlake, Christopher Walken”

This year we saw more political advertisements than in years past. However, we also saw more out of the box and creative advertisements. I want to give an honorable mention to the “Mr.Clean” commercial. I thought it was clever, funny, and a little spicy! I liked how it played on the old tale of women do all the cleaning idea but put a new meaning on it. Air B&B displayed their company’s values of acceptance and diversity in a moving way by displaying the faces of different people from around the world along with their message, “We Accept.” It was simple, clean, and memorable. It furthers the brand loyalty and trust.  Audi brought up the controversial topic of equal pay for women and how we aren’t there yet. The narrator is a dad wondering about how to tell his daughter that no matter how hard she works, she would still be viewed as less than her male counterparts. “Audi of America is committed to equal pay for equal work.” ” Progress is for everyone.” This commercial is memorable because it is controversial and progressive in our time where women still don’t earn the same pay as men. Budweiser’s “Born The Hard Way” commercial was very clever. They take a political stand by reminding people that the “cult” beer of so many American’s was founded by immigrants. This gentle reminder or discovery for some people maybe off-putting but I love to see ads like this. Budweiser is a huge company and to have them stand up for immigration, it’s huge. 84 Lumber, I had no idea who you were before the Superbowl. I’ll be honest. However, this ad was so controversial that they only showed you a part of it during its aired time. The network had you go online to view the full version. Let me tell you, I was in tears by the end of those 5 minutes and 44 seconds because it was moving and emotional. Everyone will have wavering opinions on this because it was political concerning immigration but it gave you hopefully, a lot to think about. Maybe even a new perspective?  On a sunnier note, Kia promoted their new 2017 Kia Niro Crossover by having a “hero” (Melissa McCarthy) save the world in a Niro. It was cool, playful, and hilarious because……well,  Melissa McCarthy. I felt that the promotional message got a little lost with all the action going on but I remembered that it was by Kia. That’s what advertisers want you to remember.Their brand and how it made you feel. In my opinion, one of the funniest commercials went to Bai. They are not a very well known brand in Iowa, yet they came out and stole the show with Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken! Their message was informative, loud, and clear. The two famous actors sit together on a bench in a high class library and think out loud to the top hit from N’Sync, “Bye, Bye, Bye.” (drops the beat) “Bai. 5 calories, no artificial sweeteners, and it tastes amazing!” The next time I go to the gas station, I’ll be sure to pick one up! I just have to try it now.

What were your favorite ads of Superbowl 51? How did they make you feel? Comment below! I’d love to know your thoughts!


– Lauren


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