January 20th, 2009

I have tried my best to stay away from the news ever since the election, but bear with me, this post will have a political theme. But this will not be a story that even begins to mention the prez elect, or the now prez T***P.

I want to transport you back in time – 8 years ago – to the day of inauguration of President Barack Obama. No one that I know has ever been to the inauguration of a president, but I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Obama’s first inauguration. I want to take you all back and mentally travel back myself to that day. That day was filled with so much hope and so much beauty.

And on a side note, a time in my life filled with much more acne, a bad sense of fashion, but hella good hair.

I recall that I knew I was going to be attending the inauguration before I even knew who was elected – and if you recall that was the election with McCain and of course his running mate (who could see Russia from her house) Palin. Either way it was going to be a historical election (first lady vice president or first non-white/ mixed president).

I, even as a 9th grader, had my opinions and I remember staying up until the results we posted. I remember being excited about the outcome, and my mother – who was one of the chaperones for the trip – was ecstatic.

This trip was with my honors social studies class, so of course we had a few extra days in the area to tour. Unfortunately, this was the one large life changing trip in my life that I did not keep a journal of what we did, so I am just going off the photos.

Below are the highlights, with more written after them all.

Smithsonian air and space museum
Library of Congress

We saw the Washington monument, the capitol, the Library of congress and the Supreme court.

So many porta potties – everywhere
Mt. Vernon – George Washington’s home and plantation
The day of Inauguration
Arlington National Cemetary
Changing of Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Vietnam and Korean veteran Memorial


Lincoln Memorial


The White House




Now the only thing I really remember from hole trip 8 years later was the process of filling into the national mall on the day of inauguration. I remember having to hold tightly to those I was with. It was just a river of people that was flowing so fast! If you would have fallen you would have been trampled.

Especially now looking at the comparison between Trump’s and Obama’s Inauguration, it puts the amount of people that we there in perspective. There were so many people,


There were so many people, majority I would say were African Americans.

I with I could remember more about this historical day.

But now after watching Trump’s Inauguration, and recalling what happens, my only comment to the whole thing is, it seems a lot like a wedding, a religious wedding.

Here is to hoping that I will have a job in 6 years when I am finished, here it to hoping our culture does not travel backwards in terms of morals, here’s to hoping the sciences and the arts will contually be funded, and here is to hoping that one day Love will win everywhere.


Until Next time,



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