The magic that is a tote bag

Most of the time little girls dream about the day of their wedding, now I can never explicitly remember thinking about that. You know what I do remember thinking about? One day having a job where I carry a tote bag around with my work stuff in it. I have always thought that those who carry tote bags look so polished and professional, like they have their ducks in a row and their sh*t together.

Now a secret past time of mine, is really obsessing over office supplies. A good pen can really make me excited and get my heart singing, and do not even get me started on planners. I do have to add, after 22 years of life, I have finally found a planner that suits me best. I love organizing binders and putting three hole punches in paper. A thing that also has been a part of this category was backpacks. A great backpack was an essential product to doing well in school – especially college- just as a good nights sleep was important.

Just like everykid I went through my fair share of Jansport backpacks, I thought that was it, I never really was happy with them. But in my third year of college I came across an Eddie Bauer backpack that finally floated my boats. It was large enough to carry everything I needed and with a lifetime warranty, I would never have to buy one again. Not to mention, was $90 I paid $40 because of my “extreme” couponing. I lived out of that thing in my last years of college and when I was applying to graduate schools, I imagined my life to be no different. My grad school career would still consist of living out of my backpack.

The summer before graduate school, I was at TJ MAXX, you know, the usual.tjmaxxI was not even looking for a tote, I knew I would not be able to use it. But loe and behold, the most perfect tote sitting on the wall. It was not just the plain old black and was not made of leather (I am vegetarian and choose not to have leather items). I immediately tried it on and fell in love. But I ended up leaving the store without it – but I never forgot.


After spending a month or so as a graduate student, I realized, I just did not carry as much as I used to in my backpack, I left most of my items in my office and school. I went out and checked all the TJ MAXXs by me but none of them had it. So, I called my sister up, told her to drive straight away to TJ MAXX and to get me that bag.

Fast forward a few weeks, until I finally got the bag. In love, so in love. Now I work in a building that also houses those who work for NASA, but let’s just say, I feel more like the sh*t than those other people.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a conference right in my first semester of grad school. Just the place I imagined being able to strut my stuff, which of course included the tote bag. The unfortunate part, my laptop was the size and weight of a brick and would not for the life of me, comfortably fit into my tote. I ended up leaving the tote home and just taking my backpack and purse. That was one of the worst decisions of my life.

I spent the week gathering my things in my arms and figuring out places to put my raincoat and water bottle and… and… and… Should have brought the darn tote. A quick tangent, as soon as I got back, I took the plunge and got a new computer. I had been looking for a new one, but this conference was the last straw. A large factor in my new purchase was how nicely it would fit in a tote.

Long story short, go get yourself a tote bag. You will fall in love and will no longer be able to imagine your life without one.

Now, this is a bonus story for you all.

Let me tell you about this young woman at the conference though, she had the perfect tote.

Let’s just call her Rachel for ease of the story. Rachel was a graduate student and I immediately developed a friend crush on her when I saw her.  She had the cutest orange-tinted hair, wore a green sweater that was just as cute. Her voice was something of angels. It was one of those voices that you could listen to all day, no matter what she talked about.tote-2After her presentation, I saw her standing out in the lobby area and then I saw it, her tote!tote-3It was the perfect shade of brown, not too poopy colored, not too orange, not too dark. Now another thing important in totes is originality. A pain black or brown BLAH! But this tote, amazing. It had darker weaving giving the tote texture and originality.

I wish I could find this those on the internet and get one for myself.

tote-4Untill next time,

Megan McPeak





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