Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Hello and welcome friends and family. Welcome to the new year and a new project we, the party of three, have decided to begin. All three of us have always wanted to start a blog but were worried about posting regularly, our solution, take turns making posts! We all have something different to bring to the table and write about, making this something very unique in our eyes. We all are beginning or just have begun a new chapter in our lives and cannot wait to share our experiences and things we learn with you.

Hello all! I am Megan, Minnesota born and raised. I attended Undergrad in Wisconsin and now reside in Alabama as a graduate researcher at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I began

Me (Megan) and my love, Mae

my career as a graduate student in 2016 and one-day hope to have a masters and doctorate in Atmospheric Sciences under my belt. And, no I do not want to be a meteorologist – but I am not sure what exactly what yet.

In my free time I used to do a lot of yoga, maybe one day I will get back into that. But for the time being, any free time is spent doing crafts. Right now my focus is in modern calligraphy and hand lettering. In the near future, I am wanting to learn python and get a sewing machine, you know every 20 something-year-old girls dream. I may or may not be a grandma at heart.


Hey guys, I’m Kasey! I’m a Wisconsin native that went to the same u13937817_10208331232191866_7424827322419647049_ondergrad as Megan, and actually just graduated in December of 2016! In the future, I hope to go on to get a masters/PhD in Conservation Biology or Landscape Ecology, but for now I will just be working for a center that breeds, raises, and releases endemic bird species found in Hawaii, which isn’t half bad I guess! That doesn’t start till March though, so until then I’ll be bar-tending and living with my parents. Glamorous I know.

I love being active, and prefer plyometric workouts as opposed to weight lifting. I’m also attempting to pick up jogging (we’ll see how that goes), and photography. Also, I love anything that involves animals (wild or domestic).


Hello Internet! My name is Lauren. I currently attend Iowa State University majoring in advertising with a business minor. I am projected to graduate in December of 2017. My previous education includes an Esthetics License from the Aveda Institute and once upon a time I was also a licensed CNA.14047294_10154405022283767_7780689321847222970_o

I enjoy traveling, good food, bargain shopping, changing my hair color, and most of all, hanging out with my dog! She’s the best! I also write for my personal blog where I give my personal opinions and reviews on skincare and makeup products. I do a lot of research and with my esthetics background, I am very passionate about all things beauty!




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